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Boulder Wedding Photographer | Eli Powell

My name is Eli Powell.  My wife Amy & I live in Boulder, Colorado. I love it here because our friends are close & the weather is beautiful. I’m educated as an engineer, and used to design hospitals.

I became a photographer because of my love for telling stories. I’m self taught, and I’ve been photographing weddings about three years.  I love writing, good coffee, & traveling.

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I’m originally from Nebraska, & went to school at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln.  After college I moved to Colorado mainly because my love of rock climbing.

I’m self conscious, and used to not like having my photo taken- I think this really helps me in my work.

I believe your wedding is a celebration, and my goal as your wedding photographer is to help make your wedding as great as possible. Yes, this means amazing photos, but more importantly, this means helping you connect with your loved ones, party, laugh and celebrate, all while capturing your amazing experience.

Boulder wedding photography

My wife is a teacher, and truly is my better half.  She is the inspiration for much of my work. Our wedding was just north of Boulder on a little farm.

I try to invest myself in my clients, and “give them my all”. I’ve photographed a bunch of weddings throughout Boulder, Denver, the mountains & the Midwest including Nebraska, Wisconsin & Iowa.  I’d love to chat with you about your wedding.

In addition to my wedding photography, I recently founded This is My Wedding, wedding inspiration focused on loved ones. I started the site because most of the wedding industry is very materialistic and not focused on what really matters. Check it out and tell me what you think.


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