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Wedding Photography Pricing

My focus is creating images that capture your amazing wedding celebration.


One Wedding Collection that includes everything you need:
Consultation & planning (for a stress free day)
Awesome wedding coverage (no need to watch the clock)
Flexible credit towards your wedding album (the best way to preserve your photos)
Private online viewing gallery (to share with family and friends)
High resolution digital images (no hidden costs)

Engagement Photography Pricing

The best way for us to get to know each other. Let’s capture your relationship (not just your wedding day).

Boulder Engagement Photo prices
Every engagement session includes:
consultation & planning (no surprises)
custom designed photo shoot at your special place
high resolution digital images (no hidden costs)
From $600

My approach allows you to spend more time with the people you love most. I believe that by focusing on your wedding celebration with your loved ones, your photos will have more meaning and become timeless family heirlooms.

Do you want feel comfortable & be yourself? Is your top priority enjoying your wedding with your friends & family? Awesome, yes I’ll fit right in. I’m quick to crack a joke, a go-with-the-flow kind of guy & I love to dance. This all shines through in the images I create. If you’d like to feel like a model on your wedding day, or simply love all the wedding detail photos, I’d be happy to recommend an excellent colleague.

Your wedding collection will be available for viewing & sharing about two weeks after your wedding. Handmade albums typically take 1-2 months to design/ approve/ print & ship.
The first step is to contact me. From there we’ll chat about your wedding, availability, and how we can create amazing images together.

No. This is awesome because EVERY SINGLE photo you receive is created with purpose, by me. Additionally, I’ve found having double the photographers at your celebration can be an unwanted intrusion.


Additional Questions

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Engagement Questions



Ready to become a client, or have more questions? Contact me today.


Client Testimonials


Ready to become a client, or have more questions? Contact me today.

Wedding Planning Advice

It feels like just yesterday that Amy and I were planning our wedding- dreaming, researching, bickering, … On top of that experience, I’ve photographed & attended more than 50 weddings in the last few years. So, since you’re asking here’s my humble wedding advice:

1. Order of operations Once you know who you want to marry, the next things to decide are:

A Budget (talk to your parents, they may help you out)
A guest list (or a rough idea)
Location (geographically, then find the right venue).
Time of year

Your specific date will probably be dictated by the availability of the venue you choose. Once you’ve booked a venue, you can begin securing other wedding vendors (like caterers, me, a band/ dj, etc.).

2. Remember what’s important. It’s so easy to get caught up in the pretty little details, and almost miss the stuff that matters. What matters? Well that’s for you to decide, but for Amy and I it was being “present” with everyone we loved. Yes, we still had a little cake, flowers at the tables, etc. but we didn’t stress or spend a lot of money of that stuff.

3. How to save money on your wedding. There are probably better people to ask than me, but here are some things I’ve seen.

Have your wedding on a non-Saturday
Make the decorations yourself (we ordered wholesale flowers, and put the arrangements together ourselves)
Don’t have an open bar (gasp!)
Order a simple cake (Amy and I actually had root beer floats for our guests and we purchased our wedding cake at WholeFoods)
Don’t have a DJ (I’d recommend this only for more intimate weddings, as a DJ can help with crowd management more than you might realize)

4. Tips to help your day be *more special*. Here are ways to make your wedding day more intimate:
Involve the people closest to you. Have you mom help you get dressed. Write a thank you letter to your Maid of Honor. Smoke a cigar with your groomsmen (not for the cigar, but to have a moment reserved for your friendship). Pray. Eat great food. Dance your ass off. Invite your guests to request their favorite songs. Take a moment to celebrate the people who can’t be with you. Breathe. Write your own vows, day-of, on beautiful paper, and keep it forever. Pop the cork on your own Campagne. Play lawn games, board games, anything, just play. Hug your mom. Ask your dad for advice. Say “I love you” a lot, to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you run out of booze. It doesn’t matter if your tables aren’t arranged according to that fancy diagram. Talk to your sister- You never see her anymore. Life is busy, slow down. Give your cell phone to your best friend- better- shut it off. Live.

Want more wedding inspiration? Check out my latest project, This is My Wedding

Ready to become a client, or have more questions? Contact me today.